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Drink Deeply and Dream: Vampiric Forum has moved to a new and improved and a bigger and better message board!
No more buggy ezboard! We're not closed, we're just new and improved!
Drink Deeply and Dream has permanently moved to it's new home on the domain!

Our new forum is active and full of members both old and new.
Join us. Come and be part of our new home.

We look forward to seeing you there!

(Just to clarify: Yes, the ezboard location is closed. We do not post here any longer. All discussions have moved to the new location. Thanks.)

Practical Magick

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Practical Magick

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Jun 29 05 11:56 AM


RSS Astral Projection 4 0

Aurelie Gisele

Apr 21 05 3:19 AM

slade 018

RSS Advice please 2 0

Lestat 17

Apr 18 04 1:51 PM


RSS Is this normal? 0 0


Apr 18 04 10:15 AM


RSS Yeah. I got it. Now, how do I get RID of it. 3 0


Apr 17 04 8:56 PM


RSS The Empress 4 0


Apr 16 04 10:41 PM


RSS a question for wiccans 15 0


Apr 16 04 6:52 AM


RSS summoning someone 10 0


Apr 15 04 6:18 AM


RSS spells and demons 12 0


Apr 15 04 3:57 AM

Xelthanius Elvennox

RSS Why? 5 0


Apr 13 04 8:18 PM


RSS wanting to learn 4 0

Thrawn Logos

Apr 12 04 9:21 PM


RSS any 1.... 7 0

Thrawn Logos

Apr 12 04 9:04 PM


RSS Magick & Morals 14 0


Apr 9 04 7:10 AM


RSS circles?? 1 0


Apr 8 04 6:45 PM


RSS Starting Rituals/Spells 6 0


Apr 3 04 10:01 PM


RSS question 3 0


Apr 3 04 3:42 PM


RSS completely new 7 0


Apr 3 04 12:01 AM

awake and confused

RSS Looking for a potion. 6 0


Apr 1 04 1:00 AM


RSS Demon... 4 0


Mar 31 04 1:31 PM


RSS question about psychic abilities... 15 0


Mar 29 04 4:47 PM


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~ Other Resources ~

Preventing Tragedy: Safety, The Internet, and Vampires
A serious look at the dangers of trying to contact or meet "real" vampires online.
Tips, precautions, and things to look out for to protect yourself or your loved ones against REAL predators.

Are you hurting? Do you need to harm yourself to feel "alive" or "better"? Please read this. You are not alone.
Or, call 1-800-DONT-CUT for immediate help.

For victims of any form of sexual assult, please visit The National Sexual Assault Hotline

As a personal survivor, I know that you do have a right to get help, even if you feel you don't deserve it.
The former page I linked to has closed, but you can find archives of their site here

A Final Thought
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
-Albert Einstein

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